Since 1990 our summer courses have offered young musicians of all ages the opportunity to play together and explore a variety of musical styles and experiences.

Fantasia Music School runs summer courses for young musicians aged 7–18 that offer a welcoming, inclusive environment for instrumentalists to play together in small and large groups, exploring a wide variety of musical styles and experiences.

Fantasia takes place over one week in August every year and tailors its programme to the specific needs of children of different age ranges and instrumental abilities.

August 18th–23rd, 2024
The Prebendal School, Chichester

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Fantasia & Prebendal

In 2017 Fantasia began an exciting new chapter as we moved to the historic Prebendal School in Chichester. Prebendal is a natural partner for us. The school is a Centre of Musical Excellence whose choristers sing almost daily in Chichester Cathedral, and some 95% of its students learn at least one musical instrument.

Our courses

Fantasia provides a carefully structured mix of group teaching. The focus is learning to play and sing together in a variety of settings and sizes. The core programme consists of orchestra, sectionals, choir and chamber groups.

Depending on the age and standard of the student, there are opportunities to play in folk band and swing band. Extra options for all students include piano, recorders, improvisation, part-singing and composition.

In addition there are three core performance activities: an informal student concert in which any student can play to their peers, a staff concert in which staff perform for the students and parents, and a final student concert at the end of the week.

Fantasia is about so much more than just creating music: it is about community, and about working and living as a group of people from different backgrounds and across the generations. What we all have in common is a passion for music and a desire to become better people through our art.
Sam Sutton, Course Director

Dates & fees for 2024

In 2024, Fantasia will run from August 18th–23rd. Residential students are expected to arrive on the afternoon of Sunday 18th and leave after the student concert on the afternoon of Friday 23rd. Day students are expected to attend all day from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd. The fee for day students includes lunch.

Day: £540
Residential: £640

Family discount

We offer a special discount for individual families registering more than one sibling. If you register two children, you will receive a 5% family discount on all your fees. If you register three or more siblings, you will receive a 10% discount on all fees.

Payment terms

Once we receive your registration details, we will contact you by email or phone to confirm your registration and arrange payment. For registrations made before the end of April, full payment is then due in full within 30 days. For later registrations (May—August), payment is due within 7 days.

Residential places

We will do everything we can to accommodate everyone who wants to be part of Fantasia, but please be aware that residential places are limited, and are only guaranteed once payment has been received in full.

Values & care

When we come away from our everyday lives to be at Fantasia, my hope is that we can feel safe in a place where we can all work hard, meet new people and perhaps discover a few new things about ourselves.
Sam Sutton, Course Director

The Fantasia Family

Fantasia was built on the belief that by coming together to share our love of music in a holiday atmosphere, we can pass on a sense of joy, community and creativity.

While always careful to welcome newcomers, we also have a high proportion of returning students, tutors and staff — all of whom have been part of our extended family for many years. We are proud that an increasing number of our music tutors are ‘home grown’, having been Fantasia students themselves.

Pastoral care & First Aid

We know that the pastoral care of our students is just as important as their musical tuition. Nikki Ridley, our Head of Pastoral, is a fully trained first-aider, and is herself a skilled musician who was a long-time Fantasia student.

Wellbeing & Safeguarding

We take the wellbeing and welfare of every student seriously, and have a robust ‘Safeguarding Policy’ and comprehensive ‘Code of Conduct’ to which all tutors, staff and volunteers must adhere.

Our safeguarding policy has been drawn up on the basis of the body of current law and guidance that seeks to protect the children. Statutory government safeguarding guidance includes advice around safer recruitment. We ensure all our tutors are DBS checked and thoroughly referenced.

Nut-free school

Our Course Director, Sam Sutton, is herself a mother of a child with severe allergies and we take the matter of food allergies extremely seriously.

We are a strictly nut-free school and our kitchen staff will work carefully with any allergies that parents alert us to.


Fantasia Music School is held at The Predendal School in the centre of the historic cathedral city of Chichester in West Sussex, England.

The Prebendal is the oldest school in Sussex and probably dates back to the foundation of Chichester Cathedral itself in the 11th century. It was re-founded in 1497 by Bishop Edward Storey who attached it to the Prebend of Highleigh in Chichester Cathedral and thus gave its present name. It was one of the first schools to become co-educational in the 1970s.

The charming 13th century school house with its historic narrow tower still stands in West Street. Long Dormitory, on the top floor contains 300 year old panelling and three adjoining 18th century houses have been added. Over the years the School has added further extensions and also uses the East Wing of the Bishop’s Palace which is next door to the main school buildings.

Do visit The Prebendal’s own website which has much more information about the school.